Why you shouldn’t be scared to move abroad

The first time I moved abroad was January 2017. I had never left North America, so moving to Germany a tad frightening.

I applied for an international internship, was accepted, and just left.

Johanneskirche – Stuttgart, Germany

Of course there was a lot of paper work, visas, etc., but I just put one foot in front of the other, until I was on the plane leaving Seattle to Frankfurt. I won’t lie, I had NO idea what I was doing. I was terrified.

I’m now writing this post from my flat in Stuttgart – being my second time now moving abroad. So you can say it definitely all worked out 🙂

There were a lot of things I had to learn, and fast. Things like the language, how to proceed and immerse myself into a new culture, where to find things in the city, what things did or did not exist.

Baden, Switzerland

Aside from the difficult parts, came the absolute most amazing parts of moving abroad though.

I moved to Germany, so of course have German friends, but I also have friends from all over Europe and the rest of the world. It’s some sort of amazing. Learning about other cultures, right from the source is nothing like learning from movies or the internet and only learning the stereotypes. You can really get immersed into their culture, especially when they invite you to their country. This for me, has been one of the most amazing experiences of my whole life.

Heidelberg, Germany

Another great part about being friends with other foreigners is you can relate with them. You can relate on almost all levels including having a lack of local language skills, maybe you are all studying so you can all relate to you studies, or having a lack of funds because of your studies and finding ways to get around it.

In June, I have a trip planned to Budapest, in July to Spain, and in September to Croatia. All these are to spend with friends I have met here and have invited me to their home countries for a tour. I feel so overwhelmed with happiness that this is possible and know I will return the favor to them one day in Canada.

Today I had a BBQ with some friends in a park here in Germany, we had friends from Germany, Canada (me), the US, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Columbia, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Iran, Croatia, and Italy. If that doesn’t sound like the most amazing international group of friends, then I don’t know what would be.

Dublin, Ireland

Another aspect to ease your mind about moving abroad and maybe feeling like you may have homesickness, we literally live in the best time for digital communication. I am able to call my family everyday. We have a 9 hour time difference and it hasn’t stopped us at all from talking.

Speaking of family, and friends, they will love you for moving abroad because it gives them a chance to also visit while not having to pay for accommodations while visiting. Like a kill two birds with one stone type of deal.

Moving abroad has 100% changed my outlook on life. I am MUCH more open minded and relaxed actually. I have realized that the world works in so many different ways, not just the way we see it from the comfort of our mental bubbles we can sometimes find ourselves in.

Freiburg, Germany

The first time I moved abroad it was only for 4 months. I’ve now been living and working in Germany for 8 months and I wouldn’t change a thing. I am learning German, which some days goes better than others. I am learning how the German world works, things like bagging my own groceries at the grocery store, having beer gardens in the city centers, and being able to take a train anywhere my little heart desires.

Another wonderful thing about living in Europe is the availability to travel all over Europe, FOR CHEAP! For Easter I’m going Zurich with a friend and May to Naples for a weekend with 3 girlfriends. You can rest assured I will be visiting Pompeii while I’m there. Living in Canada, this would never be possible to see all these places in at the drop of a hat.

I cannot imagine my life now if I had never moved abroad. This is the most wonderful time in my life, and I plan to keep it up.

Long story short, whether you are considering a short or long term move abroad, there is no way you would regret it. It will change your life.

Austrian Alps – 2017 Ski Trip

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