5 Best Bars With Live Music in Dublin

After having the most amazing weekend in Dublin, I have to say, if there is anywhere in the world I would love to live, it’s there. Maybe Ireland is next on the list 😉

River Liffey in Dublin

My friends and I spent 3 nights in Dublin over the weekend and I honestly don’t think we could have made it any better. We did it all – the food, the beer, the cider, the dancing, the exploring.

But to get all the good stuff into one post would just be too much. So I’ve decided to break it up into sections. And only because this was, hands down, my favorite part about my weekend in Dublin, I’ve decided to tell you about my favorite pubs to listen to live music in. You’ll have to stay tuned to get the goods on where to eat in Dublin next!

1: Trinity Bar & Venue

Trinity Bar – this is my stomping grounds when I visit Dublin for 2 reasons.

First, and the reason it made the list, they consistently have amazing music, both Irish and Classic Rock, that is always perfect for dancing. I have gone there with friends who don’t usually dance and we are all always dancing for hours here.

The second reason I love this bar, it is actually cheaper than a lot of other bars in the Temple Bar area of Dublin. For those who haven’t been to Dublin (yet), Temple Bar is an area in the heart of downtown with multiple “watering holes” at a lovely tourist price. Don’t get me wrong I love Dublin, but it can be expensive. So, for this reason, I’m putting Trinity Bar & Venue on the list as a little hint to anyone travelling to Dublin soon.

2: Café En Seine

Café en Seine is one of the coolest pubs I have ever been to. It isn’t a classic Irish pub though, it’s more of classy, hipster pub actually. And as a “kill two birds with one stone” tip, this is right beside the famous umbrella alley in Dublin.

When you first walk in the doors of Café en Seine in Dublin, it is designed to give you the feeling that you are still on the street. The walls are lined with facades of pub entrances and the ceiling is made of glass to give natural light.

Aisling Moore at Café en Seine

The band that played while we were there was also absolutely amazing! Aisling Moore – a must listen to when you are in Dublin next! Recently this band started playing at Café en Seine on Sunday brunches and after a night out at our favorite watering hole(s) on Saturday evening, a nice chill afternoon here was just what we needed.

3: Berlin D2

So Berlin D2 was actually recommended to us by the lead singer of Aisling Moore. She and her band also play there on the weekends during the evenings if you need a second chance to check them out.

There’s a massive dance floor here too. I know, for me at least, that when I go dancing, I can’t stand snuggling with a million people on a dance floor made for 10 people.

4: Porterhouse Temple Bar

Porterhouse Temple Bar is another one of my favorite places to go in Dublin. And every time I go the place is packed, which goes to show you how good it is.

Last weekend when we were there, the band was playing all sorts of covers ranging from Sweet Home Alabama to classic Irish music. Although the dance floor isn’t as big here as I would like it, I will still go back next time I’m in Dublin.

5: The Temple Bar

Last but not least, The Temple Bar. THE famous Temple Bar. This is what everyone thinks of when they think of Dublin. Well for good reason.

The Temple Bar in Temple Bar by night

The Temple Bar is in the heart of area of Temple Bar. There are many rooms here to either sit and have a sneaky pint or get bust a move on the dance floor.

The Temple Bar in Temple Bar by day


Of course there are so many more places to check out when you get to Dublin, but these are places that I have now made multiple visits to as they have really clicked with them.

And remember to stay tuned for the best places to eat in Dublin… some off the beat path as well 🙂

Photo by Anthony on Pexels.com

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